Jonathan Arun Limited is always looking for new and exciting talent to add to our business. In keeping with being environmentally and technologically conscious we would much prefer you contact us with all submissions via email and electronic media.

If you would like to be considered for representation please send a covering letter, photograph, your CV and any links to show reels or demonstrations of your work to:

Please do not send any reels or demonstrations of your work via post.

Please understand that while we strive to respond to all enquiries we will be unable to respond to each and every submission. We will most definitely contact you if we are interested in seeing additional material or setting up an in introductory meeting.

 We also offer representation specialising in commercials, if this is an area you are specifically interested in please send your details to:


Who would you recommend for producing quality headshots?
Many of our clients have used HUNCH and have been very pleased with their professional service.