Carla Harrison-Hodge

Carla Harrison-Hodge


Carla is originally from East London, where she began performing age 6.
She Graduated from LSDA (London school of dramatic Art) in 2012 and has since enjoyed a career in Theatre, Television and Film.
Her professional career began with Channel 4 Comedy ‘Fresh Meat’ and on stage In ‘Can’t stand up for falling down‘ Directed by Ruth Carney at the Lantern theatre, Sheffield.
Soon after, Carla landed roles in BBC dramas ‘Cuffs’ , ‘Doctors' and comedy ‘I want my wife back’, also for BBC.
Carla was recently directed by Mark Rosenblatt in Eve Enslers 2 Hander ‘The fruit trilogy’ at the west Yorkshire playhouse / Southbank centre.


  • Height: 5' 8 (173cm)
  • Playing Age: 16 - 25
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Hair Length: Mid Length
  • Unions: Equity
  • Appearance: Mixed Race, Middle Eastern


Hip Hope Cafe, Jenny, SuperRocketMan (director: Robert Samuels)
Incison, Femme Fatale (director: Oliver Walters)
Abdullah, Young Woman, Ne'er Do Well Films (director: Evrim Ersoy)
Tokophobia, Female Lead, Ne'er Do Well Films(director: Evrim Ersoy)


Doctors, Amanda Connor (Guest lead), BBC (director: Gary Williams)
Cuffs, Colette, Tiger Aspect / BBC (director: Bill Eagels)
I Want My Wife Back, Waitress, BBC (director: Paul Norton Walker)
Fresh Meat, Rose, Objective / Channel 4 (director: Jamie Johnson)
Bad Dates, Nina, Channel 4 / Rumpus Media (director: Tom Levinge)

TV Films

To Provide All People, Kerry, All People Production Ltd (director: Pip Broughton)


Amadeus Revival 2018, Ensemble + Understudy Constanze, National Theatre (director: Michael Longhurst)

Hillside, Jade, HILLSIDE, Park Theatre / Sheer height (director: Scott Le Crass)
The Fruit Trilogy, Avocado and pomegranate, Southbank centre/ West Yorkshire Playhouse (director: Mark Rosenblatt)
#Caste, Ensemble, Arcola Theatre (director: Elizabeth Williams)
Sweatin' It Out, Charlotte, Stratford East/ Aaron Gordon (director: Rikki Beadle-Blair)
The Boyband, Emma, Writers avenue, The Pleasance (director: Jacob Allan)
Can't Stand Up For Falling Down, Jodie, The Lantern Theatre (director: Ruth Carney)

Carla Harrison-Hodge
Carla Harrison-Hodge
Carla Harrison-Hodge