Amro Saleh

Amro Saleh


  • Height: 5' 9 (175cm)
  • Playing Age: 21 - 35
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Light/Mid Brown
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Appearance: Mediterranean, Latin American, Middle Eastern


None, Short Film,(Luxor best short film Award Winner), Taha, Short Film, Independent production, (director: Islam Wifky)

Persona, Short Film, (Cairo Independent short film award winner), Amin, Soon Production, (director: Mohamed Gafaar)

A Whole One, Karim, El Sobki Production, (director: Hadi El Bagoury)


The Devil's Steps (translated from Arabic), Malek-Muslim, Agamedia Pictures, (director: Mohammed Shaker)

The Fortress, Tahseen, National Production Sector&Cairo Sound Production, (director: Ahmad Sakr)

Liars we are if we Claim we don't Love, Assem, Lighthouse productions, (director: Ghada Selim)

Girls' Tales, Karim, TVision, (director: Hussien Shawkat)

The Thug, Mourad, Future Media Company-Lounge-Connect, (director: Khaled El Hagar)

The Alley, Gamal, Panorama Drama, (director: Sameh Abd El Aziz)

The Premiere, Mounir, The Producers&Abu Dhabi TV, (director: Hadi El Bagoury)

Highly Private, Adham, El Adl Group, (director: Ghada Selim)

Wanees Diaries, Nader, Universal Middle East, (director: Mohammad Sobhi)


The Station, Taz, Nugoom FM, (director: Amro Saleh)